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Stats -rates -amplifications - How does it really work? L2R

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In the game there are 1 to 3 types of values for each stat
In L2R the most important value and the value we need to really see and compare are hidden. That is the Base value
The values we see are Rates in form of a Value and/or Percentage
So many look and say HEY i have 0 in Slow Rest Rate but 10% in Slow Resist Rate amplification so i get 10% extra on 0?
Answer NO: All classes/characters have a hidden base value. Even with 0 in resist you have resist still, the base value.
So: 1. Base Value that we do not see 2. Increased Value in number and 3. Increased value in % OR amplification in %
I hope that helps to understand that you do not get 10% of 0 (as an example) it is a thread on forums and for some reason admins never answer it so i dropped the question in many FB L2R groups and we talked and tested and discussed and above is the answer.
Proof: Sure, set char at 0 crit rate and test if you can do a crit. Well did you? yes ofc you did, because you got a base value that NM for some unexplained and unsatisfying reason do not show. All other games show it thou since it is truly essential. . Then you can add crit chance in numbers BUT so be Honest we do not know if 200K crit is much, we only know its much in compared to other players but say that base value are 1 million (it probably is around there) or if base value is 100K that is a Major difference (20% increase or 100%) and to really asses the value of increasing a certain stat we need to KNOW the Base value number. Its simple math, we cannot not get a value of putting in say 10 extra if the formula have a X. 10/x = ? BUT if you have 2 or more values (which i explain in video we can estimate the X, and some stats has 2 and even 3 values) Example: 2x = 40 to 120 on 1K tries where all number over 60 is a crit then 1x BASE value is probably between 20 to 30.
Lineage 2 Revolution is a Mobile MMORPG made in unreal engine 4. It offers features for fans of both PVP and PVE content, fortress battles, player castle sieges, 1v1 arena, 3vs3 battle field, dungeons, traditional dungeon raids and a main story to follow in an open world.

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