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Rogue Lineage; Seer Abilities [Max seer passive included]

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Добавлено от Admin В Lineage 2 прохождение
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The slightly advanced basics of all the seer abilities.
Day 3, Analyze. (3 Wipes required.)
Day 9, Intent. (9 Wipes Required.)
Day 20, Seer's special Observe block. (15? Wipes required. This one is more recent, and it was added around the time I was max to my knowledge?.. Either that or I didn't stay in gaia long enough to find out.)
Note that you cannot unobserve until the animation ends, but someone can still punch you to stop your observation. (Won't stop the animation from playing.)

I am yet to unlock anything that is Unwavering focus-like. I'll be playing more on my Dsk again soon so if anything like that is true, I'll find out. Otherwise it's most likely a rumor / accidental glitch that made someone think that way.

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