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New plan to support officers unveiled in NYC; Trump admin targets China's influence in US schools

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0:00 Giuliani: We Authenticated Biden Materials
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani says he spent 3 weeks authenticating the Hunter Biden materials. They're from a copy of a hard drive allegedly belonging to Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s son.

1:12 Did FBI Have Laptop During Impeachment?
House Republicans want to know if the FBI had obtained the laptop that purportedly belonged to Hunter Biden during the president’s impeachment inquiry last year. 19 Republican lawmakers sent a letter to the FBI on Thursday.

2:00 FBI: Hackers Accessing Election Systems
A joint alert by the FBI and a cyber-security agency says that hackers have gained access to government networks and election systems. It's possible the hackers are nation-state actors. The Department of Homeland Security says so far, there is "no evidence" that election integrity has been compromised.

3:28 NYC to Support Cops With Blue Ribbons
WABC radio and the Police Benevolent Association held a "Back the Blue" press conference in Manhattan. They revealed their latest plan to show support for the New York City Police Department.

5:17 Pompeo Takes Aim at CCP Influence in US Schools
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been warning about Red Chinese influence for quite some time. Now, with the Secretary of Education, he is taking aim at CCP influence in American schools.

6:06 Xi’s Shortened Trip Arouses Suspicion
Suspicions are rising after Chinese leader Xi Jinping returned to Beijing earlier than scheduled. State-run media didn't give a reason. Now, people are making their own speculations.

08:44 Taiwan Says China Targeting Taiwanese in Arrests
Taiwan authorities say they still can’t locate 48 Taiwanese citizens who have gone missing in China during the last four years.

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