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Lineage OS GNU Linux 64 Bit LTS - UN Official Live & Install Distribution for PC Laptop X86/64

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Welcome to my Second remake of Lineage OS GNU Linux Distro
fully unofficial , but build on solid ground of Ubuntu 19.04
and in the style of Lineage OS.

This is again a very special Distro , because I raised it to be a fine
user friendly OS well thought of.

You have onboard..

Audacity - Best Audio Editor ever
Open Shot - Great Video Editor , easy lile camtasia , powerfull with 4K support
Foobar 2000 - A 432HZ Music Player build in all set to play every song in 432HZ
KODI latest nightly Mediaplayer with German Live TV and Comedy Channel build in
OBS Open Broadcast Software , turns your device in a TV broadcast station (Youtube LIVE)
SimpleScreenRecorder , Records your Desktop in HD MKV or MP4 great for tutorials
Handbrake , Multi Media Converter tool , the best you can get .
Stream Tuner , let's you listen and record Millions of online stations such as Shoutcast.
Firefox Browser with great plugins , reads webpages in all lang humanized to you .
Chromium Browser - stable and fast
Midori , the browser to quickly check out the Net , Lite and fast .
GIMP , the Photoshop from Linux world , latest version.
VLC MediaPlayer , best in the world.
A Complete Office package for your study or office.
Snap is default build in in 19.04

You also have 3 Desktops hidden build in that you can enter from Log In WIndow .

Budgie (Default)All devices low end to High.
Gnome (Great for tablet users with enough RAM 4GB or more)
Xfce (Not the best but usable and beautiful)

Tools on board
Systemback -Powered by Edmond.

This is one powerfull Linux Distro in the Style of Lineage OS , and you can
Run it live and Direct from of USB , create bootable from ISO and Enjoy .


Lineage OS Logo's motivation ROMS Love
UBUNTU development team 19.04 and all builds
Gnome-look.org for the Tools
KODI team for the great work
Maarten Baert Simple Screen Recorder Amazing tool
Edmond Systemback maintainer
Team OpenShot
Team Audacity
Team OBS
and All above Developers from the Applications in this Distribution.
Thank You .

Download this pretty Distribution from my Google Drive , install on as much PC's you wish
and Share it with anyone you love .

Download .

If you like this Project leave this Video A LIKE and COMMENT let me know what more
you would love to see in the future updates of this Distribution .
Next build will have Android (Lineage OS build in)

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Video idea and production Channel48
With and By Puck Darlington

Copyright (c) 2019

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