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Lineage 2 New Best Soundtrack Compilation

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Lineage 2 has changed a lot throughout the years, but there's a few things that didn't change, for example, the music.

This new soundtrack compilation is longer and much better than the old one on my channel, this one is almost 50 minutes long. I'll be posting the time stamps on Friday and I'll be here in the chat when the video goes live.


(English is not my native language)

My Thoughts on Lineage 2

Lineage 2 was extremely popular and still is, kind of... the playerbase is scattered in thousands of privates servers throughout the world, they left in the first place because Lineage 2 was not the same anymore, they didn't like the new updates and the game got really "Pay to Win" and they prefer a more Classic version of the game, it's not the same as before but it's better than anything. the majority of the playerbase left the official servers and go to private servers but... eventually, they'll get bored of playing the same chronicle over and over, and this makes Lineage 2 a game which you might play it for weeks or months and then leave it, and then come back, and then leave again and come back again, because of one thing, nostalgia.

If you haven't played Lineage 2 before and you wanna play it right now you will not have the same experience as the veterans players because the game changed a lot since then... that's why there are private and classic servers, and not all of them survive for too long.

I will never forget all the hours of grinding I had in this game, It's was a long... epic... nostalgic... emotional... magical journey...


Old School Lineage 2 Club


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