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FAMILY TREE 2014 Animated Lineage of French Characters

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In partnership with HP, we're pleased to present FAMILY TREE, an animation collaboration featuring Paris's most exciting animation studios. With the teams below, we facilitated the studios working in an exquisite-corpse format to tell the story of the lineage of a French family of characters, spanning generations. The animation session on 7 April was held at ZED, HP's pop-up studio for creatives.

The Teams:
French Revolution, July 1789: Studio Kippik - Anaelle Moreau & Nicolas Fuminier
Social Revolution, May 1968: Blackmeal - Vincent Ben Abdellah & Thomas LeComte
The Dolphine Revolution, Present Day: Studio Gustave - Aurelien Marrel & Florian Marrel

Each team worked sequentially, animating a 20-second portion representing a different ancestral stage of a family of characters. Collaborators were only allowed to see the last 30 frames of the previous team's work.

All animators used HP's latest Z820 workstations using a variety of 2D and 3D animation tools.

For more info, check it out here: www.cutpa.st/fam_tree
Cut&Paste: www.cutandpaste.com | @cutandpasteme | www.fb.com/cutandpasteme
HP: www.hp.com/eu/workstations | @HP_France #hpz | www.fb.com/HPFrance

Music Credits:
"Weekend Crowd" - clintongore

Video Titles/Credits animated by Todd Rocheford

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