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Code : SYN - Demo Gameplay Trailer - New FPS Games 2021 Cyberpunk Style - PC/Console

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Video show Code : SYN - Demo Gameplay Trailer - New Tencent FPS Games 2021 Cyberpunk Style - PC/Console
The official version of the codename SYN is a role-playing game with oriental elements and cyberpunk background. At the beginning of the game we can see an epoch-making creation. The game screen is beautiful and colorful. The characters of the game are delicately portrayed, and the details of pets and animal hair are extremely ornamental. I hope this game will be launched as soon as possible to bring more adventure stories to players.

1. Under such cyberpunk themes, the code name SYN has launched very unique character and pet settings.

2. Tencent Photon cooperated with Epic to jointly study the application of the Strand based hair system technology. This technology subverts the current process of using facial patches to produce hair, achieves extremely realistic hair effects, and adds a custom system. It may become a very important application technology for the next generation of console games. At the same time, it also relies on photon's advanced motion capture technology to make character movements more natural and realistic.

3. In addition, pet settings are also a highlight. In line with the cyberpunk theme, the pet in the code name SYN is bound to a highly technological mecha exoskeleton.

4. Photon has built a set of special exoskeleton binding tools to control complex exoskeleton joint movements and make animal movement smoother.
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